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Medium Roast Coffee

Medium Roast Coffee

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100% Arabica Beans - from the Costa Rican mountains.

Medium roasted coffee is well-rounded and silky and has nutty to caramel notes.

Our gourmet coffee is smooth, balanced, and sure to offer a uniquely delectable experience in each cup. The beans are hand-picked at perfect ripeness to prevent under and overripe beans from being harvested as is typically done with mechanized harvesters used on large farms that collect everything one time. The beans are then carefully sun-dried followed by slow-roasting in small batches to ensure consistency and prevent over-roasting. 

These methods give our coffee rich flavors without the strong acids and bitterness so prevalent in big brands. The result is an aroma and taste that makes you want more.

1 pound (450 gram) bag is available in medium grind or whole bean selection.

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This product was handmade by Costa Ricans living in Costa Rica.