Torunes Farm Coffee

Sourced from a single family-owned farm in the Central mountains of Costa Rica.

Handpicked Beans, No Artificial Chemicals, Sun-Dried and roasted in small batches to Perfection

How this all began:

  • Costa Rican Sourced

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Why our coffee is unique

100% Arabica Organically Mountain Grown

Roughly 60% of all coffee is Arabica, the preferred bean. Less than 50% of all Arabica coffee is grown at elevations over 1000m. Less than 1% of the Arabica coffee from the mountains of Costa Rica is fully certified organic.

Hand Harvested

The beans are hand selected over several weeks and only the fully ripe ones are picked.

Naturally Sun-Dried Before Roasting

To prevent over-drying from machines, the coffee beans are slowly dried in the sun.

Small Batch Roasting

To ensure consistency, the beans are roasted in small batches so that none are overburned.

Fair Payment Practices

We buy directly from the grower and apply fair trade and fair wage practices.